Chronos Vocal Ensemble was founded in 2013 by Jordan Van Biert. Under his leadership, and through a process of collaborative learning characterized by careful preparation and dedication to the choral tradition, the choir aims to deliver compelling performances to audiences in Edmonton and beyond. Chronos Vocal Ensemble singers are united in an appreciation for inspired music-making and significant repertoire, striving to achieve excellence and hoping to cultivate an enthusiastic audience.

Chronos Vocal Ensemble is a diverse group whose members each have an extensive background in music and ensemble singing. Coming from diverse ages, backgrounds and professions, they each possess a high level of musicianship, strong individual vocal technique and flexibility, and a desire to be challenged in an ensemble environment.

Having completed five years of operation, the ensemble has delighted large audiences in Edmonton and the surrounding area, appeared in many collaborative productions and community events, and performed by invitation at the University of Alberta Alumni Centennial, Alberta Music Conference, and the Podium 2016 Festival and Conference. The choir has released three successful recordings, and in summer of 2018 toured Newfoundland as part of the Choral Canada Podium conference.

Chronos has gained the support of three levels of government arts funding bodies, as well as a generous group of private and corporate financial supporters. In 2015 the choir was awarded the Healey Willan Grand Prize in the National Competition for Canadian Amateur Choirs (pictured), and in 2016 given a performance award in the City of Edmonton’s Salute to Excellence for bringing recognition to the City.


Chronos Vocal Ensemble is governed and operated by Chronos Music Society, a non-profit organization incorporated in Alberta and a federally-registered charity. Our aim is to support the production of choral performances of a high calibre in Edmonton and Alberta.


Board of Directors:

Kurt Illerbrun, President
Shad Turner, Secretary-Treasurer
Matthew Blimke, Director
Namisha Hlus, Director
Mark Freeman, Director
Anne-Marie Switzer, Director
Deanna Davis, Past President (ex officio)
Jordan Van Biert, Artistic Director (ex officio)


Chronos Vocal Ensemble is supported by the Edmonton Arts Council, the City of Edmonton, and the Alberta Foundation for the Arts.