FRESH: New Music From Canada

Released May 28, 2018

Features new shorter works by Canadian composers: secular a cappella music on themes of nature, passion, love, loss, death, and hope. All previously unrecorded and several premiered by Chronos in 2018.


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Composers Nicholas Ryan Kelly, David Archer, Tawnie Olson, Jocelyn Morlock, Andrew Balfour, Zachary Wadsworth, Matthew Emery, Peter Togni, Kathleen Allan, Stuart Beatch, and Alex Eddington.

1. Ambe
Andrew Balfour

2. A Flame In The Embers
Nicholas Ryan Kelly

3. When The Sun Comes After Rain
Matthew Emery

4. Who Has Seen The Wind?
David Archer

Three Lacquer Prints
Zachary Wadsworth
– 5. Temple Ceremony
– 6. A Year Passes
– 7. A Burnt Offering

8. Voix Du Vent
Guillaume Boulay

9. Spring And Fall: To A Young Child
Tawnie Olson

10. The Eighth Of September
Peter-Anthony Togni

11. Picking Wild Berries
Alex Eddington

12. The Frost
Kathleen Allan

13. I Loved You First
Stuart Beatch

14. One Black Spike
Jocelyn Morlock