Process & requirements

Are you a singer with great musicianship, strong vocal technique & versatility?

We are seeking ambitious singers on all voice parts to join us! 

May 2023 Update: Audition spots for new singers will continue to be available, with the next date being June 1 in the afternoon. Inquire below to receive all the information.

Reach out today using the form below! Please share a bit of your vocal and musical background.

Auditions for qualified singers will include a brief interview, some vocalises, singing one’s own part on a short prepared piece, some sight-singing, and working a little with conductor Jordan Van Biert. Preparation of an aria or any solo repertoire is not required.


Schedule and Commitment

The choir rehearses regularly throughout the length of the choral season, primarily on weekends and concentrated in the two weeks prior to each major performance.

The choir mounts 3-4 major performances per year as a part of its subscription season, and also takes on guest performances, some of which are optional. 

Positions are available for the length of the season, or to join on an as-needed basis to fill a spot in the roster.



This volunteer ensemble takes a professional approach to its process: Given our efficient rehearsal schedule, a commitment to near-perfect attendance is required. A full schedule is available in advance of making a commitment.

Chronos singers are expected to invest effort into their musicianship and vocal ability through individual training, and to prepare material prior to and between rehearsals as necessary.

Note: For 2021-2022, all singers were required to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. While no longer a requirement, the Board reserves the right to reinstate this policy.  

Watch Sing with Us (Part 2) to learn more about being part of the choir.

Three of our singers talk about how Chronos fits into their lives, and about the audition process.

Music: “When the sun comes after rain” by Matthew Emery. Published by Pavane Publishing. Sung audio recording, mixing, mastering by Caleb Nelson, Silver Studios. Video by Steven Brese, Legacy Films.

Request an Audition

Please note: Inquiries submitted from May 20-22 will receive responses on May 23 after the holiday weekend.