Representing diverse backgrounds, professions, and ages, Chronos Vocal Ensemble’s singers share deep and broad musical experience, and are united in an appreciation for inspired music-making and significant repertoire. Key qualities of a Chronos singer are strong musicianship and a desire to be challenged!

Appearing with Chronos Vocal Ensemble in 2018-2019:


Melanie Astle
Virginia Clevette
Jessica Heine
Namisha Hlus
Camilla Kershaw
Stephanie Mattingly
Rebecca Patterson
Elle Salvalaggio
Janet Smith
Brittany Bird
Lana Cuthbertson
Erin Crocker
Deanna Davis
Monica Littleton
Vita Lorence
Anne-Marie Switzer
Melodie VanderWey
Aaron Addorisio
David Dykstra
Aaron Hill
Bryce Hocken
Micah Hussell
Caleb Nelson
Juan Ramirez
Anthony Wynne
Adam Arnold
Javier Castillo
Joel Forth
Kurt Illerbrun
David Nogerius
Justin Strand
Frank Thede
Shad Turner

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