In early March we’d hit the COVID doldrums, wanting to do something fun and put a new video out to the public despite the restrictions in place, and after a quick Zoom meeting conceived of a fun project that would come together over the following couple of weeks.

Thus was born Chronos Vocal Ensemble’s newest—and most ridiculous—virtual choir project, a parody of Stan Rogers’ “Barrett’s Privateers” that features our singers going about their business under COVID restrictions, while jumping on the recent social media sea shanty bandwagon. We hope you’ll agree it’s knot too shabby….

Thanks to Stephanie Mattingly (lyrics) and David Dykstra (arranging) for their work on the score, and to Aaron Addorisio (audio) and Chad Ohman (video) for their work on the technical side.

Stephanie and Jordan were featured on CTV News about this project; also see here for the video (just after the 24-minute mark).

Until next time—

May your anchor be tight,
your cork be loose,
your rum be spiced,
and your compass be true.